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  • Millennium Oceans Prize Opportunity at the United Nations

    New York, NY, US Millennium Campus Network

    The Millennium Oceans Prize celebrates youth activism advancing marine and freshwater conservation, and the sustainable use of oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and marine resources reflected in the proposed United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14.

    We are looking for campaign ideas that are concrete and can rally your peers to mobilize in this sector. How can you engage youth leaders on other campuses and in communities across the globe to champion advocacy and leadership for the oceans, freshwater systems, sustainable fishing, and marine conservation? A full description and timeline can be found here.

    The prize entails:

    - $5,000 for the winning campaign

    - Recognition at our 7th Annual Millennium Campus Conference at the United Nations

    - Co-curate campaign action groups, mobilizing and coordinating with peers on two evenings at MCC15 - Write for our media partners about your campaign during MCC15

    - Co-curate five global webinars with the MCN and the Remmer Family Foundation during the academic year to keep peers engaged and involved.

    - Eligibility for the 2015 Global Generation Award, past recipients include Nicholas Kristoff and Mischa Barton

    The deadline for campaign submissions is July 3rd. The initial submission is simply a short pitch, as subsequent rounds will require you to articulate your idea in more detail.

    Submit your idea through the Delegate Application here!

    Ends July 4, 2015, 3:59 AM

  • Survey: Training Program for Teachers and Volunteers

    Good afternoon:

    The Education Global Access Program, a US-based nonprofit, is creating a video-based pedagogy training program to help teachers develop the skills they need to succeed in the classroom. This program will also benefit organizations that work with children, including orphanages, relief organizations, and after-school care.

    If you are a teacher or a volunteer OUTSIDE OF THE US AND CANADA then we need your help!

    Please fill out this survey: it takes roughly 5 minutes to complete and can be accessed via this link:

    Ends July 4, 2015, 4:00 AM

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