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  • Addressing the Resurgence of HIV amongst young persons 13-24 years in Wakiso District, Uganda

    Kampala, Central Region, Uganda Kalambi community outreach project

    Executive summary
    This project proposal is designed to solicit development partners to jointly address the escalating prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Uganda focus on 5 parishes of Wakiso sub county, Wakiso District of central Uganda. The planned intervention follows the startling revelation by various studies that the prevalence of HIV has been increasing in the past few years. Findings indicate that the average rate is between 7.2% and as high as 8.4%. Official data for Wakiso show an alarming rate of 10.6% making it the highest in the country.
    Some of the factors advanced by observers for this reversed trend of infection are: a relaxation in the HIV prevention efforts by civil society organisations and government. With about one and a half million people living with HIV country-wide as well as one million children orphaned by AIDS, Uganda ranks as one of the worst affected globally. This is particularly lamentable because Uganda –the country where the virus was first diagnosed made remarkable progress in reducing its spread. Existing data reveals that prevalence is highest in urban centres. Wakiso is one of the most affected, possibly because it is home to the majority of people who work in the city.

    The government in its National Strategic Plan (NSP) of 2011/12-2014/15 and HIV Prevention Strategy devised ways to reduce infection and prevalence. These well thought out plans are aimed at improving HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment and social support. Meanwhile the rates show that concerted effort is needed by various players especially the NGO sector if positive outcomes are to be realized. The project is aimed at educating young population 13-24 years on safe sex practices including elimination of mother to child transmission amongst pregnant and lactating teenage mothers; as well as training and deploying 50 peer educators to sensitize a total of 1000 young peers in one year alone.

    In addition, a community dialogue will be held at Sub county level which is anticipated to bring together 200 stakeholders. These will include: religious leaders, local council (civic) leaders and parish chiefs, young PLWHAs (People Living with HIV/AIDS), commercial sex workers (CSWs), students, boda-boda (motor-cycle) riders and young mothers. The idea of the Community dialogues (CD) is to engage these power blocks to mobilize their followers.

    The project has 3 objectives: The first objective is to increase demand for and utilization of quality sexual/reproductive health (SRH) including HIV/AIDS services by 10% among young men and women in the targeted 5 parishes of Wakiso sub county. Secondly, the project seeks to increase adoption of safer sexual behavioral practices by 5% among young adults aged 13-24 years and at-risk-persons-(ARPs). These include CSWs, youth out of school, married or persons in long term relationships and boda-boda riders in Wakiso Sub County by May 2015. Finally, to increase awareness on the underlying social -cultural gender based and other structural drivers of the HIV epidemic to targeted individuals in Wakiso sub county by May 2015.
    We propose that we identify and recruit people from a cross-section of the MARP communities to work as volunteer peer educators. Most at risk persons have been singled out as drivers /taxi touts motor-cycle (Boda-Boda) riders, students, pregnant women, people in polygamous situations, and commercial sex workers (CSW). It is suggested that a total of 50 peer educators will be recruited, trained and equipped with data collection tools. There will be 10 peer educators from each of 5 accessible parishes. These are: Buloba, Nakabugo, Lukwanga, SSumbwe and Bukasa.

    To view the whole document including costs click here:

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    Ends September 1, 2014, 9:00 PM

  • Web App Developer for Student Data

    Are you a freelancer with experience making web apps, using Ruby, rails, and Heroku, and excited to help out a new school that serves high needs, urban, public school students with a progressive and potentially revolutionary curriculum?

    The Unison School is looking for an ace developer who can help us finish making a web app that will be used every day by an entire school of teachers to help track student progress in both qualitative and quantitative ways. We started the app over the last couple years in an extremely rough 'alpha' state and want to find a pro who can do a sprint on the project ASAP, and then keep a smaller amount of time for the school year to help support and iterate on the project.

    What we have so far

    • Ruby-based Heroku app to store and manipulate data

    • Basic iOS user interface for teacher-users, which syncs data to back to Heroku app.

    What we need your help doing:

    1. Make some small changes to database structure in the Ruby app.

    2. Create a new web-based user interface (mostly based on the iOS one) for teachers to enter data, plus some new tools for both teachers and administrators to track student progress based on data already entered.

    3. Provide regular support during the school year as the live-beta progresses.

    Is this you? We hope it is! Submit a short proposal including how you'd like to work, how long you think it will take you, and what budget you'd need today!

    Ends September 2, 2014, 4:00 AM

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  • Phone Bank for MassEquality's Endorsed Candidates

    Boston, MA, US MassEquality

    Be a part of helping send pro-equality candidates to the State House!

    MassEquality endorses candidates who are supportive of our policy priorities, including but not limited to:

    - protecting transgender people from discrimination in public accommodations

    - banning mental health practices seeking to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of minors

    - guaranteeing that LGBTQ seniors are treated with respect and receive culturally competent care

    - providing our youth with sexuality education that is age appropriate and medically accurate

    One of the most important things we can do for these candidates is contact voters in their districts to ask for their support. By volunteering to make phone calls from MassEquality's office, you could be the difference between sending a solid LGBT advocate to Beacon Hill or a legislator who will consistently oppose equality.

    Our phone banks are held from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No experience is necessary to volunteer - we'll provide a phone, a script, and training, and we'll be there while you make calls to answer questions or provide any help you need!

    Please contact Becca at for more information.

    To sign up, visit

    Starts September 2, 2014, 9:00 PM

  • Adobe After Effects Workshop

    Denver, CO, US Open Media Foundation

    Are your video projects just missing something? Are you looking to create and add lower thirds, animated logos or dynamic introductions or credits to you masterpiece? Adobe After Effects is the industry leading solution for creating sophisticated motion graphics and effects by blurring the line between 2-D and 3-D interfaces.

    Register now:

    Starts September 3, 2014, 12:00 AM

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