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  • Brick x Brick: The TSL Sidewalk Renewal Project

    Hudson, NY, US Time & Space Limited


    During the month of March, Time & Space Limited or "TSL," an alternative arts non-profit serving the Hudson community and beyond, will be running a fundraising campaign to pay for the replacement of its sidewalk on Columbia Street.

    Because Columbia Street is part of the truck route, the sidewalks have been battered and destroyed by decades of commercial traffic. The decrepit state of the sidewalks was restricting handicapped and stroller access to the building and decreasing neighborhood walkability.

    Sidewalks offer:

    safety, allowing pedestrians to walk separately from traffic

    accessibility, allowing the opportunity for all individuals to utilize the pedestrian environment as fully as possible

    efficiency, providing the most cost-effective and simplest way of traveling

    sociability, giving residents the chance to interact with their environment and its attractions

    walkability, which is a combination of all of these factors!

    And walkable communities are:

    healthier and more active, as more residents choose walking over cars

    more accessible to community members with scooters, strollers, or wheelchairs

    more economically equal, because downtown "business" areas can be accessed by all community members

    more efficient, since more people are using the cheapest and simplest transportation option

    friendlier and safer!

    That's why TSL's sidewalk was unacceptable. The sidewalks needed to be replaced—not only for TSL, but for the entire community of Hudson.

    sidewalk before

    Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce, TSL's co-founders and co-directors, lobbied New York State and City of Hudson organizations for months to replace the sidewalks, to no avail. Last fall, they decided to take on the project themselves, leaving them with a $30,000 bill—a hefty price for a not-for-profit organization that runs on a shoestring budget.

    "There were five sinkholes in the sidewalk last summer," Mussmann explains. "After a while, it's hard to ignore the fact that this needs to be done. No one wants to help us, so we're doing it on our own."

    TSL is hoping to raise $35,000 through its Indiegogo campaign in March, to cover the cost of the sidewalk along with fees and rewards. All donations are tax deductible, and rewards will include TSL memberships and invitations to an exclusive event for "sidewalk sponsors." The fundraiser can be accessed from the TSL homepage, and will run from March 1 through March 31.

    About TSL

    For over forty years, Time & Space Limited has been using avant-garde theater, art, and community action to inspire positive change. TSL offers experiences that enrich and awaken the Hudson community, including live theater, opera, foreign and independent film, public forums and educational events, and youth programming including theater, art, and film. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, TSL is supported by a grassroots constituency of members, individual donations, and minimal grants from local, state, and national organizations. In a testament to TSL's influence in the community, activist Stan Goff called TSL "a prime example of the importance of art in any community."


    Ends March 31, 2015, 4:00 PM

  • Watershed Reflections: A student environmental art and expression contest is a Watershed?

    The contest is open to all student artists in grades 3-12. Entries must be the original work of the student.

    Categories include:

    Traditional media


    Recycled Materials

    Written Word

    Click link for contest rules:

    Ends April 1, 2015, 12:00 AM

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    Cleveland, OH, US Breakthrough Charter Schools

    When asked what teaching at a Breakthrough School is like, Nancy Szilagyi exclaims, "I would say…visit! There is just something in the air in our schools and in our classrooms that is best felt."

    The Intergenerational Schools Model uses innovative approach where students thrive in multi-age classrooms, connect with community mentors, and embrace lifelong learning.

    Learn about the Intergenerational model by experiencing a school in action! Meet with a current Principal along with the Founder and Chief-Educator of The Intergenerational Schools, observe classrooms, and participate in a Meet & Greet with hiring administration.

    Please RSVP here:

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    Philadelphia, PA, US Ahimsa House

    partners yoga is a fun way to share breath and postures in a safe environment. come with a friend, lover or a stranger who you want to touch (not in a creepy way)...

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