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    The American University of Rome and the American Academy in Rome

    in collaboration with

    the Economics, Management and Institutions Department of the University of Naples Federico II and
    the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Pisa University

    under the Patronage of Expo Milano 2015 and the European Society of Rural Sociology

    are pleased to announce a


    (papers, posters, videos)


    2 October 2015
    Location: Rome, The American University of Rome and the American Academy in Rome
    Papers: 15 February 2015 (Extended deadline: 28 February 2015)
    Videos and Posters: 30 May 2015

    The complexity of industrial food production, processing and distribution and the growing distance between producers and consumers are at the center of heightened attention in academia and in social movements across the globe, with the latter in particular reclaiming democratic space on how food is grown processed and commercialized. The industrial production and distribution system by transnational and national corporations has been qualified by various scholars as deterritorialized, placeless and generating foods that are standardized and homogenized. Concomitantly, alternative production processes are taking place with the view to re-embedding food in its territorial, cultural and social context. This food relocalization is usually associated with the contested notions of quality and sustainability; growing and consuming food locally is considered by some scholars and depicted in the media as beneficial for the health, the environment and the local economy.

    The relocalization of food production is part of a more general agenda faced by the international community in relation to global food production and consumption. In a world of plenty, there are still 805 million people who are undernourished and 1.4 billion who are overweight, representing both human suffering and a heavy burden on the countries' public health sector. The dramatic loss of biodiversity, the threats posed by climate changes and the expected increase of the world population to 9.1 billion by 2050 invite new reflections on the sustainability of the Earth's resources and on the local-global linkages to steer collectively towards equitable and sustainable food production systems as well as sustainable diets. The framing of this problem occurs through academia but it is also shared, co-created and resonated through the media and the arts.

    The aims of the Conference are:

    • to review theories and empirical evidence on local food production and consumption and their contextualization in the current and future prospects of the world food situation;
    • to contribute to the knowledge, teaching and dialogue on food as an interdisciplinary topic and identify areas of work and research from a social science and liberal arts perspective, including new communication genres.

    The themes of the Conference for the contributions include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Local foods and global sustainability challenges
    • Local foods and sustainable consumption
    • Local foods and sustainable diets
    • Local foods and biodiversity
    • Environmental sustainability of local foods
    • Social sustainability of local foods
    • Economic sustainability of local foods
    • Consumers' knowledge about foods, localness and quality
    • The construction of quality
    • Marketing of local foods
    • Local foods in the U.S. and the EU
    • Technologies for sustainable local food production
    • Governance and policies for sustainable consumption
    • Food's environmental footprint
    • Local foods for food and nutrition security

    Keynote speaker

    Tim Lang, University College London

    Invited speakers

    Gianluca Brunori, University of Pisa
    Maria Fonte, University of Naples Federico II

    Chair of the Organizing Committee

    Maria Grazia Quieti, Dean of Graduate Studies and Program Director, AUR

    Organizing and Scientific Committee

    Gianluca Brunori, University of Pisa
    Robert Buganza, AUR Adjunct Faculty (Film and Digital Media Program)
    Barbara Burlingame, AUR Adjunct Faculty (MA in Food Studies)
    Lorenzo Coretti, AUR Faculty ((Film and Digital Media Program)
    Maria Fernandez, Honorary Research Fellow, Bioversity International
    Maria Fonte, University of Naples Federico II
    Kristen Palana, AUR Faculty (Film and Digital Media Program)
    Rome Sustainable Food Project, American Academy in Rome

    English will be the working language of the Conference.

    Contributions can be:

    Extended abstracts and a short CV should be sent no later than 15 February 2015. The deadline has now been extended to 28 February 2015. Feedback will be given by 30 May 2015.

    Posters and videos with a short CV should be sent no later than 30 May. Feedback will be given by 15 July 2015.



    Conference is free of charge

    Ends May 29, 2015, 10:00 PM

  • IDEAS CITY Volunteers

    New York, NY, US IDEAS CITY

    IDEAS CITY ( is a major collaborative initiative, involving scores of organizations working together to effect change. The Festival will include an innovative, participatory, outdoor street program along the Bowery on Saturday, May 30 from 12–6 p.m. 75+ local grassroots organizations and small businesses will present model products and practices in a unique outdoor environment. Visitors can expect architectural interventions, hands-on workshops, oral history projects, tours, and a food court featuring the best restaurants and vendors from the Lower East Side.

    There are three distinct volunteer positions available. Each volunteer will get a t-shirt, a tote bag, and a pair of guest passes to the New Museum, as well as some other goodies. Volunteers will work in pairs and will have access to a private room where there will be light refreshments available for breaks throughout the day. Volunteers will also receive a $10 gift card to Whole Foods for lunch after their shift. We'd love tohave some multilingual folks in these positions, so if you speak any languages in addition to English, please let us know!

    Sustainability Monitors– These volunteers will be working with GrowNYC and will be trained and tasked to encourage New Yorkers to properly sort, compost, recycle and/or dispose waste in their proper receptacles. Monitors will be dedicated to educating festival-goers on the importance of environmental stewardship, a very important role in what we hope to be a minimal waste event. Volunteers will not be responsible for bagging garbage or handling the garbage in any way. We will make chairs available. Three shifts are available: 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, 2–5 PM and 4:30–7 PM.

    Information/Street Teams– These volunteers will be stationed around the street program (and a little beyond), letting people know what's going on, answering questions about the Festival, and helping to drive traffic as needed. We will have chairs available for a majority of these positions. Three shiftsare available: 11 AM-2 PM, 1:30 – 4:30 PM and 4–6 PM.

    Participant check-in– We need two people to arrive at 7:30 am who will be in charge of checking participants in and giving them any last minute info we need to distribute. They'll also make sure people know where they will be setting up. They will be done no later than 12:00 pm. These people will be sitting at a table in front of the New Museum most of the time. One shift is available: 7:30 AM–12 PM.

    We strongly recommend that all volunteers attend a brief orientation/training on Wednesday, May 27th at the New Museum's Theater at 235 Bowery. Street Team volunteers and Participant Check-in volunteers will have an orientation at 6pm and Sustainability Monitors will meet at 7pm. If you cannot attend, please let us know when you email or call with your choices on volunteer position and shift.

    Additionally, we may need a handful of volunteers to usher at the Festival Conference Events on a variety of times on May 28-29. Subject to available seating, you will be able to watch the lectures and panels—please let us know if you are interested in more information on these opportunities!

    To volunteer, please email your 1st and 2nd choice positions and shifts to you do not have access to email, you may call 212-219-1222 x413.

    Ends May 30, 2015, 4:00 AM

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  • Ballet School of Stamford Spring Performance

    The Ballet School of Stamford is proud to present the 15th annual Spring Performance featuring excerpts from the classical ballets Romeo and Juliet and Les Sylphides, along with two original pieces Clementi Sonatinas, and Symphonic Progressions at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 29th at the Palace Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut. Tickets are available at the Palace Theatre box office at 203-325-4466 and on the website at Benefit tickets with a pre-reception are also available by calling the Ballet School at 203-358-8853.

    Starts May 29, 2015, 11:00 PM

  • Roots' Annual Haiti Fundraiser

    Washington, DC, US Roots of Development

    Our community investment efforts are supported by a significant amount of individual donors and large events such as our annual fundraiser in Washington D.C. This year's event will bring together over 300 individuals, including many of the District's notable professionals, political and business leaders, professional athletes, and entertainment personalities, to soak in the feel of the Caribbean with Haitian music, Haitian food & cocktails, and Haitian art all at the spectacular Tony Award-winning Shakespeare Theater in downtown DC.

    We are in need of volunteers to give their time to help manage food, drinks, reception, and to work with us to make this event as successful as possible. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding our organization or the event! Please respond to this post at your earliest convenience if you are interested in attending, even if you can only attend for part of the time! And of course, volunteer admission is free.

    If you're interested in learning more about our organization, check us out at

    Starts May 29, 2015, 8:00 PM

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