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Help us green our events - for exhibitors is proud to organize the Grad Fairs and other events. We also recognize that these events and the travel and materials associated with them have an impact on the environment.

You can help us green our events by following the simple suggestions below. Thanks for your help!

Bring only what you need

  • Find out how many people have registered for the fair (available on each fair's main page).
  • Limit what you send or carry accordingly.
  • If you have materials leftover, send it home, or put it in the on-site recycling bins.

Print sustainably

  • Print your paper materials on recycled paper.
  • Choose soy-based inks.

Choose useful promotional items

  • When creating chotchkies and swag, consider their usefulness and re-usefulness.
  • Notepads, pens, and other office supplies will get a lot of use.
  • Cloth bags and plastic luggage tags are sturdy and will last a long time.

Eat green!

  • Choose the vegetarian option during the catered meal at the event and at other times on your trip.

Bring your own water bottle

  • Refill your own water bottle or mug during the event, rather than relying on plastic bottles of water.
  • Of course if you do drink from disposable bottles, please recycle them when you're done!

Choose a hotel strategically

  • Find a hotel near the airport or event venue to avoid excessive transportation.
  • Reserve a room in the same hotel as other admissions staff so you can share ground transportation.
  • If possible, walk or take public transportation to the event, instead of taking a taxi.

Cluster your trips to the city

  • Seek other networking events and speaking opportunities in the host city, to maximize your time, cost, and carbon footprint.

Offset your carbon emissions

  • Minimize your travel-related carbon dioxide output by purchasing offsets. Visit Terrapass to calculate your carbon footprint and to purchase travel offsets, which fund tree planting and alternative energy production.
  • A round-trip, coast-to-coast flight costs about $10 to offset.


2016 Grad Fairs Schedule

September 8: New York
September 20: Philadelphia
September 22: Boston
September 27: Washington, DC
September 29: Houston
October 4: Minneapolis
October 5: Chicago
October 10: Seattle
October 17: Los Angeles
October 19: San Francisco