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Help us green our events - for school seekers is proud to organize the Grad Fairs and other events. We also recognize that these events and the travel and materials associated with them have an impact on the environment.

You can help us green our events by following the simple suggestions below. Thanks for your help!

Don't print your own

  • Don't print the list of schools at home. We'll share a single-page handout with you once you arrive at the event.
  • Our handout will be more updated than the website.
  • Schools will be listed in the order they appear around the room.
  • Our handout will include information about the schedule.

Leave your resume at home

  • Bring business cards or mailing labels (with your name, number and email) to stick on info cards that your favorite schools use to collect your information.
  • Once you learn more about a school, you can tailor your resume and make a better impression.

Don't drive alone!

  • Carpool with friends (lots of friends!) or
  • Take public transportation, walk, or bike!

Bring a bag

  • If you collect materials, you'll have something to carry it all in.

Take what you need

  • Politely pass on materials you won't look at when you get home.
  • If you're unsure, ask whether the information is on the school's website, and whether the website is thorough and updated regularly.