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Instructions specific to this fair

  • The At&T Conference Center will charge a fee for receiving and handling packages for this fair. If you prefer not to incur charges, we suggest shipping packages to your hotel instead.
  • Please note, any outstanding handling fees will need to be paid in full by 4pm on the fair day, in order for your boxes to be released to you. This can be handled through the Metropolitan Pavillion event manager.
  • The At&T Conference Center will only accept packages from October 17 to 21, 2013. Packages delivered before or after these dates will be refused.
  • We suggest travelling with extra materials as, on the rare occasion, a package or two can get lost in the mail. Idealist is not responsible for lost materials.
  • If you plan on sending materials back to your school after the fair, come prepared with payment information - either a courier account or credit card number.
  • Please attach this shipping label or your business card to your packages.

Shipping and handling fees

$6 per box under 50 lbs.
$30 per box more than 50 lbs.

Before mailing your packages

  1. Fill out a shipping and credit card authorization form
  2. Fax it to Cristal Vega at 512.404.1600 or email to For questions, you can reach her at 512.404.3688.

Label your packages clearly

Event: Idealist Grad Fair
Date: October 22, 2013
Event manager: Dana Andrae
Venue: AT&T Conference Center, Grand Ballroom

You can use this shipping label.

Shipping address

AT&T Conference Center
1900 University Avenue,
Austin, TX 78705