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What are Saved searches and Email Alerts? 

Let's say you come visit the site often and don't want to enter the same criteria into the search bar every time. Saved searches allow logged-in users to come back anytime and view updated results with just one click.

Want to get a saved search delivered directly to your inbox? For every saved search, you can sign up to receive an Email Alert. You'll get a nightly digest email from us with up to 100 of the latest listings that match your search criteria.

How do I create, suspend, edit, or delete my Email Alerts? 

To create a new Email Alert, start by conducting a search and narrowing it down to the type of listings or organizations you're interested in. When you're satisfied with the search criteria, click "Save this search" (this will appear in the left sidebar if you're logged in). You can name the search and choose to get a nightly Email Alert with new listings matching your criteria.

If you want to stop receiving Email Alerts for a certain period of time (for example, if you're going on vacation, or you've put your job search on hold), you can temporarily suspend them. Next to "My Saved Searches," click Manage and then, click "Turn off Email Alert." You can always turn them back on from the same page.

To make changes to the selected criteria in a Saved Search, start by running the search, then add or remove filters, and save it as new. Once you're satisfied with the new one, just delete or turn off the original.

Ready to remove an Email Alert forever? You can also delete Email Alerts from the Manage page.