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Local Pages Resource Center

Welcome to your Idealist Local Pages Resource Center!

We're happy to have you!

Here, you'll find all the materials you need to successfully maintain your city's local page.

Featured Content 


Each local page has a spot for featured content that might be of interest to your local social impact community. You'll curate 3 - 5 items per week.

Guidelines and tips

We're looking for

  • Stories of people turning their good intentions into action
  • News that's of interest to local nonprofit organizations (things that might impact their work)
  • Workshops, trainings, networking opportunities open to all nonprofits in the area (they don't have to be free)

And remember

  • As much as possible, try to highlight members of your social impact community by curating existing content, rather than creating new content.
  • We don't take sides on any issue. There are lots of ways to do good in the world, and we celebrate all of them.
  • Some tips: Check local blogs or other nonprofits' websites for articles and news that they've posted. Always make sure you have permission before you post!

Content Moderation 


All of the listings posted on our site are created by our members, so taking a look at new items posted in your area is a great way to get familiar with what's going on near you, to reach out to new contacts, or to see if anyone could use a little extra help.

Guidelines and Tips
Start by creating an email alert for new items posted in your area. Just go to, log in, and perform a search for everything in your city, then click on Get Email Alert. Every day, you'll receive an update of new people, organizations, opportunities, and events in our city.

  • Each week check out all the new organizations that have joined in your city. At the beginning, there won't be many (4-6 per week) but you can encourage local organizations that don't know about Idealist to join so that number increases!
  • Send new orgs a personalized welcome email.
  • Each week look at all the postings (volunteer opps, jobs, internships, events) created in your city. There shouldn't be a deluge of these at the beginning (10-20).
  • Using our content moderation materials (Idealist 101, tips, etc.) identify any postings that could use some improvement. The range of possible problems is very wide, so feel free to ask us if you're unsure about whether something is worth your time to report.
  • Take a look at all the new users in your city. This will probably be around ten to fifteen people per week. Find a few users that seem interesting to you, or who have filled out their profiles. Shoot them an email welcoming them to the site. Besides making people feel great this, is also a great way to find people to help you out in your home city.

Here's some sample text you can use. 

Hi Clay!

How are you? I hope your first month on Idealist is going well. My name is Matt Cifaldi and I'm from the Community Engagement Team at Idealist. I'm writing to thank you for joining the site and filling out your profile. We like to personally reach out to people that show an interest in connecting with others and making a difference, and you look like you fit the bill! From your profile, I see that you are quite dedicated to green practices, which is great! Idealist is full of people like you, so you've come to the right website. Have you considered using our site to connect with like-minded people and organizations? That can be a great way to find friends and collaborators.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your experience with us. If you like the site (or even if you don't and have some suggestions about improving it) email me back! We're trying to gather some data about why people join in the first place, why they fill out their profiles, and why they decide to make connections. So feel free to answer those questions and keep in contact, and I hope you'll be a part of the Idealist community for years to come!

Matt Cifaldi
Community Engagement Associate

We'll add more templates you might find useful soon!

Community Building 


Idealist members are passionate about social impact and looking for ways to get involved. They all have knowledge and skills to offer, and we'd love to bring them together.

Guidelines and Tips
You'll coordinate simple networking events in your city where members of your social impact community will have a chance to meet each other. We'll take care of the communications and RSVPs, and you'll be the boots on the ground. Here are some general tips for putting together a networking event at a bar.

  • Find a venue! It should be:
    • Centrally located
    • Fit about 40 people
    • Offer drink specials
    • Have at least a semi-private space
  • We'll do promotion and handle RSVPs
    • We'll send an email to the registered users in your area and collect Eventbrite RSVPs
    • Email will go out under your name, so people will be able to get in touch with you
  • On the day of
    • You'll need: nametags, sign in sheet. We'll mail you all the materials you'll need.
    • Get to venue early a bit early to check people in or assign someone to check people in
    • Take a moment to briefly thank everyone for coming and encourage everyone to introduce themselves.
    • Work the room!
  • Afterwards
    • Tell us all about it! We'd love to hear how it went.
    • We'll send a thank you email

Here's a blog post about a networking event we held in NY in May


Logins and passwords 


All the logins and passwords you need.

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Here are more resources to get you started: Site Tour
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Community Guidelines
Some things we'd like everyone in the Idealist community to know

Tips for posting on Idealist
A collection of handy tips we've put together to help organizations get the most out of Idealist

And remember, we're always here to support you, so don't hesitate to drop us a line!

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