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History of the Idealist Community podcasts

Back in 2007, what was then our Community Outreach team had a meeting in a small room in our NYC office. Determined to help spread ideas that were making an impact, however small, we brainstormed ways we could highlight all the awesome work our community was doing. What emerged from that meeting was the idea of toying with a media tool we had never played with before: podcasts.

Four years, three recorders, two interns, and one Garageband installation later, we can now proudly look back at all the stories we covered and everything we learned. We're indebted to, not to mention humbled by, all of the incredibly innovative and inspiring people we met along the way.

What's listed below are highlights from our podcasting years of 2007-2011. We hope their stories inspire you to tell everyone you know, take action, or even create a copycat project or two. Thanks for listening.

We may have stopped producing Community podcasts, but we haven't stopped spreading good ideas. Check out our homepage blog for innovative solutions, successfully replicated ideas, and more.

Highlights among past shows

Argentina's Blind Theatre Won't Leave You in the Dark

A theatre in Buenos Aires where both blind and seeing actors perform in complete darkness.

Argentina: Un 'Teatro Ciego' que no te dejará indiferente

El primer y único teatro donde ambos, artistas videntes e no videntes, actúan totalmente sin luz.

"Crazy Radio": Live from Argentina

A radio station hosted at a mental hospital in Buenos Aires gives patients an innovative form of public therapy.

Past, Present, and Future… The Voices of Girls and Women

A twenty minute window into the dreams, goals and stories of preservation and ambition, and shared hopes and ideals of girls and women today.

Sure We Can: A New Vocation for the Homeless

A portrait of a "canner" named Eugene "King of the Can's" Gadsen and the work that he and his colleagues are doing to improve their communities.

Real Food and Fort Greene, Brooklyn CSA

The ins and outs of Brooklyn's newest community-supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Cultures in Harmony: A Nonprofit that Hits all the Right Notes

The story of a NYC-based nonprofit that seeks to bring back an old means of cultural understanding through performing music in venues around the world.

Freeing the Internet: Outdoors and Online with NYC Wireless

A look at how an organization is working to bring the Internet to all New Yorkers inside, and outside, their apartments.

How to Learn-a-palooza: Skill Sharing in D.C.

An intimate glance at this one-day event in which temporary classrooms are set up across the city, and regular people share their skills and knowledge with neighbors.

Going Loco: The Ubuntu Community

Debunking the mysteries of Ubuntu, a computer operating system that is bringing communities together, changing technological development, and causing a ruckus.

Two Fools. One Adventure. No Idea: Tuxedo Travels and

A tuxedo-clad duo who traveled from Hong Kong to London raising money for local causes they encountered along the way.

Check Your Debt at the Door: Community Banking in the Bronx

The story of two entrepreneurs who noticed a need in a Bronx community and decided to do something about it.

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