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ResourcesForNPOsResources for NPOs
General Idea
GeneralBasicsList/DiffNPOxNFP"Nonprofit" vs. "Not-for-profit" — does it make a difference?
GeneralBasicsList/DefnNPOWhat Is a Nonprofit Organization?
GeneralBasicsListDig deeper
GeneralBasicsList/UnrelatedBusinessIncomeDo nonprofits pay taxes?
GeneralBasicsList/FindSupportOrgsFinding Help for a Nonprofit Organization (in the USA)
ResourcesForNPOs/GeneralBasicsList/>> DissolutionDo Nonprofits Go Out of Business?
Basic Principles
GeneralBasicsList/StartUpStarting a NPO — Five Tips and a Warning
ResourcesForNPOs/GeneralBasicsList/StartUpNutsAndBoltsNuts and bolts of starting a nonprofit organization in the US
GovBasicsList/MissionStmtWhat Should a Mission Statement Say?
GovBasicsList/BoardBasicsGeneral information about boards
GovBasicsList/CharterDocsCharter documents — the "constitution" for a nonprofit
GovBasicsList/EthicsStewEthics and stewardship
GovBasicsList/ConflictOfInterestConflict of interest policies
Do Good Well
MgmtBasicsList/MgmtBasicsIntro to NPO management
MgmtBasicsList/StrategicPlanStrategic planning — the basic idea
MgmtBasicsList/TechHelp with using technology
RegBasicsList/CannotDoThings a US nonprofit must (and must not) do
Sources of Support
DevBasicsList/FevBackground/DevBackgroundIntroduction to development and fundraising
DevBasicsList/FindSponsorsHow can I find sponsors for an event?
DevBasicsList/PersonalFundRaisingRaising money (on your own) to help out
DevBasicsList/DevWorkWorking as a fundraiser
When things go wrong
RegBasicsList/FraudAndAbuseDealing with fraud or abuse
DevBasicsList/DevAbusesAbuses in fundraising