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List of Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

  • What is a nonprofit organization?

Strictly speaking, a nongovernmental group that is not organized for the purpose of making profits for an owner or owners. Read more

  • Why so many labels? 'Nonprofit'? 'Not-for-profit?'? Others...?

Many terms are frequently used and frequently seen. There are no firmly established distinctions, though some people have strong preferences between them. Read more

  • Starting a nonprofit organization.

Five Tips...and a warning about what it takes. Read more
The nuts and bolts of the process. Read more

  • Do nonprofits ever go out of business?"

Of course they do. What happens? How does it work? Read More

  • What is UBIT?

Unrelated Business Income Tax. It's based on the corporate income tax rates. The IRS and NPOs have struggled with figuring out what is 'related' and what is not. Read More

  • Finding local support for building capacity and managing a nonprofit organization

There are several ways to look for assistance with the challenges nonprofits face. Read More

  • Board of Directors Basics

Some first principles about boards of directors and pointers to other information on the subject. Read more

  • What should a mission statement say?

A discussion, with examples, of this all-important nonprofit document. Read more

  • Charter Documents

The "constitution" of a nonprofit organization. Read more

  • Ethics and Stewardship

Avoiding trouble in the boardroom. Read more

  • Conflicts of Interest"

Examples of conflict of interest policies. Read more

  • Things a US nonprofit must (and must not) do

Rules affecting what US nonprofits can't do (or can't do much of) Read more

  • Fraud! Abuse!

What can I do? Read more

  • Intro to NPO Management

A brief essay on the topic with links to other resources. Read more

  • What is strategic planning?

An explanation of this important tool. Read move

  • Help with using technology

A short list of websites and other helpful resources. Read more

  • Introduction to development and fundraising

A general review of the topic and some additional resources. Read more

  • How can I find sponsors for an event?"

Advice. And a nine-step process to follow. Read more

  • I want to raise some money to help out.

I know a needy person or a worthy cause. What do I need to think about before I ask others to help? Read more

  • Working as a fundraiser.

Satisfying work in its own right. And a good entree to a career in nonprofits. Read more

  • Development Abuses

How to detect and avoid frauds. Roles of regulators and watchdogs? Read move