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Older volunteers

What you have to offer

Older volunteers can offer significant insight, ideas, and energy to complex social and environmental issues:

  • wealth of experience
  • professional expertise
  • been-there-done-that perspective
  • invaluable personal wisdom gained over the course of a lifetime.

Your diverse skills

If you're an older volunteer, spend some time considering your skills and how you might want to contribute them to an organization or change effort.

Keep in mind that these skills aren't just those that you may have developed as part of your career but also your personal talents, abilities, and things you have a knack for.

Looking to learn or try something entirely new? Volunteering presents a great opportunity to explore the possibilities.

Get started

Ready to get started?

Visit some of the other pages in this resource center to discover some tips and strategies for finding the right opportunity for you, including assessing how much time you might like to volunteer—from one-time projects to ongoing roles that may require a more significant commitment.


Here are some links for additional information on older volunteers: