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Best Practices for Volunteer Management Professionals

The experts in the field of volunteer management are the individuals already out there, doing the day to day work of finding, matching, supporting, and recognizing volunteers. In other words: you. With that in mind, we're offering up a section of best practices – tools, models, advice – to guide your work. So whether you're looking for great strategies on how to find volunteers, seeking innovative ways to communicate with volunteers via technology, or not sure how to determine whether or not your organization can engage volunteers in meaningful ways, this is the place.

Many of these best practices have already been identified by our partners at Energize, Inc., so where that's applicable, we've included a link to their site.

Note that this section largely provides models and tools for doing the day-to-day work of volunteer management. While these come from volunteer management professionals all over the world, most if not all are universal in application; where the information is country-specific, the country name is listed in parentheses after the resource title and author.