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Volunteer Managers + Human Resource Managers = Common Ground

Both volunteer management and human resources professionals work with the people-resources of an organization and are confronted with many similar work issues (recruitment, turnover, burnout, etc.). However, there are also major differences between the roles of volunteers and staff; for instance, volunteers are nearly always unpaid and have significantly different motivations, work schedules, and legal implications for the organization. In both cases though, the professional is often working with passionate, energetic, dynamic individuals with a lot to offer the organization.

The goal of this section is to foster collaboration between volunteer management and human resources professionals by sharing information and best practices and supporting one another. As each field is often managed by only one person (only large organizations have multiple staff in HR or volunteer management), we believe there is genuine common ground that these two fields can share.

To that end, we've posted some resources that we think are of interest to both parties, including staff-volunteer relations, hiring volunteers to be staff members, and staff members volunteering their time. Also, for HR professionals, we've included some information on how to hire staff to fill a volunteer management position.

Staff-Volunteer Relations

Hiring Volunteers for Staff Positions

Staff as Volunteers