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Professional Development for Volunteer Management Professionals

In this section, we've compiled information on training and accreditation/certification programs, from looking for a workshop on Volunteer Management 101 or something more specific like how to engage baby boomers to seeking to complete your accreditation/certification or higher education degree. We've also included information on conferences, as well as a trainers and consultant directory if you're looking to schedule something specific to your organization.

In all cases, we're providing resources on two types of opportunities: online and on-the-ground. Online trainings and certificate programs allow more flexible scheduling of time, not to mention no need for traveling expenses; on-the-ground conferences and workshops provide real-time opportunities to ask questions and collaborate with peers, but require resources and time that may not be available to everyone. So whatever your time and resource availability, we hope you'll find opportunities here that work for you.

Our partners at Energize, Inc. have done a great job of keeping track of trainings, conferences, and events taking place around the world, so we've included links to their collection below as well as any others we thought were worth checking out.

Disclaimer: In the interest of making this space comprehensive, as well as recognizing that different audiences have different needs and criteria, we do not specifically recommend nor endorse any of the listed opportunities. It is up to each individual user to determine quality and appropriateness. That said, if you come across what you believe to be a clearly illegitimate post, please let us know!


The benefits of earning accreditation/certification? Professional distinction, established credibility, advancement of the profession, and potentially enhanced employability. Learn more by visiting the governing body in your country:

On-The-Ground Conferences and Workshops (Thanks to Energize, Inc.!)

Also check out trainings offered by your national association or local volunteer center:

Online Training Opportunities (*Free)

On-The-Ground Degree/Certificate Programs in Volunteer Management (Thanks to Energize, Inc.!)

For more programs in Canada, check out the college and university professional development programs identified by Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources / Administrateurs canadiens des ressources bénévoles.

Online Degree/Certificate Programs in Volunteer Management

Trainers/Consultants Directory