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Support, Supervision, and Retention

A big portion of the volunteer management professional's time is spent supporting and supervising volunteers. Whether this means direct supervision for high-risk or complex projects, providing support in times of grief or recovery, or doing regular check-ins to make sure volunteers have the resources they need, support and supervision are ongoing responsibilities.

Wherever possible, these tasks should be shared with fellow staff members. Not only does this lessen the burden for the one volunteer manager to take care of several volunteers, but it also ensures that staff members know who volunteers are and are actively engaged in supporting them.

Another reason why support and supervision are so important is retention. Study after study has shown that volunteers stay with organizations where they feel needed, valued, and supported. Most, if not all, of the time, this means that there was a volunteer management professional there - whether they were full-time, part-time, or volunteers themselves. For more information, see: