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Education Program Coordinator


Internship posted by: African Refugee Development Center

Posted on: February 18, 2014

Internship description

The Refugee Education Center (REC) supports refugee and asylum seeker adults by providing access to educational programs. Our programs are designed to help those desiring to improve language and communication skills, and pursue higher education options in order to increase self-esteem, promote self-sufficiency, and facilitate integration into Israeli society.

The role of the Education Program Manager is to oversee the REC. This position involves managing a small team of coordinators and case managers. As the program manager, it is your responsibility to connect with our partner organizations and further our collaboration with them. It also involves managing the teams progress in achieving short and long term goals. The program manager must be aware of the needs of the refugee community and tailor the program accordingly. This manager will become familiarized with NGO management, specifically surrounding educational programs.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Supervise a team of coordinators overseeing sub-projects for tutoring, higher education, and the adult language program
  • Remain knowledgeable about the current activities of these projects and prepared to fill in in the absence of volunteers
  • Collaborate with universities and other educational NGOs to continue existing and create new educational opportunities for the community
  • Continually evaluate the program's effectiveness by updating monthly goals, examining evaluations and surveys from community, and maintaining short term and long term visions
  • Recruit and interview new volunteers interested in working on the education team
  • Support all teachers, tutors, case managers and students as needed
  • Update curriculum and current program policies to ensure best practices
  • Use creativity and innovation to expand the education program's vision and increase opportunities available to the refugee community.
  • Stay informed about the legal and political situations facing the community

Desired Skills:

  • Previous teaching and teacher training experience
  • Management experience of educational programs, especially in the non-profit sector
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills in English is necessary, Hebrew is strongly desired
  • Ability to work well with others of various backgrounds; culturally sensitive
  • Motivated, hard working, and very reliable
  • Passion for providing high quality educational opportunities to the refugee and asylum seeking community


Either -

Minimum 21 hours per week for 6 months or

35 hours per week for 4 months

Start Date: As soon as possible

Please note all ARDC internship positions are unpaid. We do not provide accommodation, travel or health insurance.

How to apply

Please fill in the application form and send with your CV.