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Intern for Prisoners' Rights Project


Internship posted by: Global Conscience Initiative

Posted on: February 19, 2014

Internship description

GCI is seeking an enthusiastic self-starter with experience in law, criminal justice, and/or prisoners rights, to lead our Prisoner's Rights Project (PRP)

GCI Mission

The Global Conscience Initiative (GCI) seeks to address and improve Cameroon's most pressing human rights issues: corruption, abuse of prisoners' rights, gender inequality, civil liberty deficiencies and lack of access to efficient and effective justice. Through promotion and protection of the human rights and freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as good governance, democracy, and social justice, GCI strives to help construct a strong global conscience where the citizens of Cameroon work together to create and sustain a peaceful civil society.

By encouraging and empowering the public to play an active role in supporting peace and development, GCI strives to strengthen the communities with which it works. Based on the belief that lasting peace must come from within a people and their own culture, GCI focuses on working with individual citizens as well as the local media, government bodies, councils, law enforcement and judicial systems. Through this, GCI works to facilitate the creation of networks of conscientious organisations and individuals who work together to promote democracy and human rights.

About the Prisoner's Rights Project

One of the biggest human rights issues facing Cameroon today is prisoners' rights. Accused and convicted inmates of the country's prisons and police/gendarmerie cells suffer from the numerous life-threatening conditions of these facilities, including insufficient food provisions, inadequate medical attention, overcrowding, and violent and degrading treatment at the hands of guards, police, and other staff members. These conditions are compounded by the degeneration of criminal procedure standards: arbitrary bail, judicial inefficiency, and even administrative errors resulting in lost paperwork and forgotten prisoners.

Resolving these issues has been a priority for GCI since the beginning of the organization, resulting in the formation of the Prisoners' Rights Project (PRP) in 2008. The PRP aim to improve prison conditions and protect inmates' rights by collecting data on incarcerated persons, organizing education and training sessions for prison workers, mobilising and coordinating civil society to support prison communities, and providing legal assistance and representation to indigent detainees and prisoners.

Given the urgent need for advocacy and action on improving prison conditions and protecting prisoners' rights, GCI is currently seeking one or two interns to carry on the work of the PRP.

About the Internship

An internship with GCI is an amazing experience to get real, in the field experience doing human rights work in a tight-knit NGO environment. When you arrive in Kumba, you will spend some time familiarizing yourself with the work of GCI and the PRP, as well as the way of working in Cameroon. We enthusiastically work with those involved in the prison system including prisoners, prison officials, lawyers and others who share our dedication to human rights. As an Intern on the PRP, you will help monitor conditions and practices in the prisons, pursue systemic change and policy reform, and conduct training and outreach. And you will help design the future for the PRP (with support from other staff and interns) and work to implement your proposal! This is not an administrative internship (although everyone in the office takes part in all aspects of daily office life) - this is a real opportunity to develop your skills in project development and implementation!

Qualifications and Qualities

  • Strong Written Communication
  • Fluency in English
  • Willingness to learn Cameroonian Pidgin
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Cross-cultural experience and sensitivity
  • Creative problem solving
  • Ability to self-direct and take initiative
  • Experience working with project development and implementation
  • Significant experience and knowledge of law, criminal justice, and/or prisoner's rights
  • Experience working in the developing world a plus

For this position Interns are expected to stay for at least 3-6 months

Internship Fees

Internship Fees cover housing in Kumba, work-related transportation, and airport collection (in Douala)

1-4 weeks- 300,000 CFA

5-8 weeks- 500,000 CFA

8- 12 weeks- 650,000 CFA

Each additional month- 150,000

How to apply

To learn more about our organization, please visit our website at

To apply, send your letter of motivation and Resume/CV to

NB! Start dates and period listed can be amended to accomodate the preferences of the individual intern.