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Internship posted by: Casa-Nica

Posted on: June 30, 2014

Internship description

Casa-Nica is currently looking for interns who are interested in assisting with the running of an NGO, manage existing projects and volunteers or creating a new volunteer project of their own. We are happy to incorporate you into every aspect of NGO and give you as much responsibility as you want. We love to pass on what we have learned about setting up and maintaining an NGO and it's projects to anyone that would like to come down and work with us.

We are still new and are learning about what it takes to create and maintain an organization so if you want to come and get involved in what it takes to run an NGO this is the place for you. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone that is looking to work in the NGO sector or gain experience in running a small organization.

We have three areas in which an interns can work:

1. Managing Casa-Nica and the volunteers

2. Maintaining the existing projects

3. Creating new projects

Managing Casa-Nica and the volunteers:

There are many aspects of running an organization that we would be happy to get you involved in. These roughly break down into the following areas of work:

Web presence; Facebook, Google+, the website and our project listings.

House management; maintenance and construction, bills, decoration, the garden, IT infrastructure, dealing with landlords and more.

Volunteer management; accepting and answering applications, arranging and collecting volunteers from the airport, Spanish classes scheduling and volunteer work scheduling.

Maintaining existing projects:

We have formed relationships with and place volunteers in several local organizations. These relationships always need constant attention through regular meetings with the directors and often simply volunteering for a them. When directors change in these organizations the relationship will often need rebuilding from scratch. Conversational level Spanish is essential for this as you will need to meet and converse with non-English speakers

Creating new projects:

This is the hardest but the most rewarding area of intern work. We will be happy to support you in creating a new project on which we can place volunteers in the future. The project will be in the form of all Casa-Nica projects in that you will create a relationship with an existing Nicaraguan organization that we can send volunteers to. We are open to all ideas regarding new projects and have many contacts in the local community that we can contact to get you started. We will be on hand to provide support and assistance as you need it. Conversational level Spanish is essential for this as you will need to meet and converse with non-English speakers.

If you want to come and intern with you will not be limited to one area but can take on responsibilities as you want. You will also be free to volunteer on any of our projects that you want. Daily Spanish classes are also included in the intern program.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic self motivated people that can work independently schedule their own time. Once you are settled in and know what you want to do you will be expected to manage you time and achieve results with minimal supervision. We will of course always be on hand to offer advice and assistance but we cannot and do not offer constant supervision.

What can you expect to get out of this internship:

Develop community relationships

Conducting business in foreign language

Coordinating incoming international volunteers

Working in an international environment

How to create and run a sustainable volunteer project

How to startup an organisation in a foreign country

Improve you language skills in both English and Spanish

Learn how to manage a small staff

Financial management of a small organization

You will leave with an excellent idea of how to start a small business or NGO.

How to apply

If you need more information or would like to organize a skype conversation please drop us an email at

Or go directly to the application for here: