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African Refugee Status Determination Coordinator


Internship posted by: African Refugee Development Center

Posted on: February 18, 2014

Internship description

The Asylum Application Assistance Team: The object of the project is to ensure that asylum seekers in the State of Israel have greater opportunity to realise their human right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution through promoting a fair and just asylum application process. Main activities include - establishing proof of nationality for non-detained and detained asylum seekers eligible for group protection; renewing work visas; assisting individuals apply for refugee status; filing appeals and legal proceedings; providing psychological assistance; advising on deportation and voluntary resettlement; broadly distributing information to refugee community; monitoring development of asylum regime; instituting strategic litigation to promote community-wide policy change; publishing reports on findings and recommendations; disseminating information; advocating before UN; strengthening ties and cooperation with authorities.

Refugee Status Determination is the procedure that determines whether those seeking asylum fall within the definition of a refugee in need of protection in accordance with international law. The process requires an asylum seeker to submit a written explanation for his or her application, followed by an in-depth interview, research into the conditions of his or her country of origin and a decision as to whether that person meets the legal criteria for refugee status. ARDC assists applicants through every phase of this difficult process. Please note we are a paralegal organisation, not a legal organisation. We help the asylum seekers with their procedures at the Ministry of Interior, but we do not have any lawyers at the ARDC.

Main Responsibilities:
• Management of all Refugee Status Determination cases.
• Performing ongoing volunteer on-the-job-training, in amongst others, International refugee law and the Israeli asylum procedure.
• Coordinate weekly RSD team meetings.
• Supervise a changing team of volunteers.
• Act as a liaison between volunteers, clients and translators.
• Collect project statistics and compose monthly successes/developments/challenges narratives.
• Establish and maintain rapport with partner organizations such as the UNHCR, Hotline for Migrant Workers and PHR.

• Fluency in conversational and written English. Fluency in conversational and written Hebrew, Arabic and French an advantage.
• Background in law.
• Strong organizational skills, including the ability to manage multiple schedules and prioritize with limited resources.
• Computer software and hardware literate, including different client databases.
• Act as a liaison between different groups within the organization.
• Able to collaborate with other organizations.
• Bringing computer necessary.

Time Commitment:
6 months minimum 35 hours a week, Sunday-Thursday 11-6pm

Start Date: 10 July 2014

Reports to: Project Manager

Please note all ARDC internship positions are unpaid. We do not provide accommodation, travel or health insurance.

How to apply

Please fill in the application form and send with your CV.