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Law Internship - Intern in Africa


Internship posted by: AfriVol Ghana Foundation

Posted on: July 28, 2014

Internship description

Placement categories

Law Students

Law students are needed to assist the partners of this law firm in a variety of roles. The intern will gain valuable experience in legal procedures and practice.

Assistant Consultant

An assistant consultant is required to provide legal services to business entities in a variety of arrangements ranging from identifying, solving and preventing legal issues. The volunteer consultant may be asked to specialize in a particular area, such as banking, contract, employment, intellectual property, trust, tax, real estate, etc.

Placement description

Hesse and Hesse is a fully equipped commercial Law firm which is dynamic and progressive, both in its approach and the way in which it has built its practice as one of the largest and leading commercial law firms in Ghana. Hesse and Hesse have a reputation for handling work of quality and substance in a pragmatic manner and at competitive billing rates.

The firm has extensive contacts in the USA, Europe and South Africa and works with major law firms in these jurisdictions which require the assistance of local counsel in Ghana. The firm places strong emphasis on professional ethics, legal research, continuing education and training for all its partners, fee earners and support staff to enable them meet the challenges and complexities of modern day practice. The Firm's Lawyers, who are dynamic, progressive and innovative, have the sole aim of efficiently and professionally providing solutions to their clients' problems.

In accordance with modern business trends, Hesse and Hesse has fully automated and computerised all operations. The firm has spent lavishly on information technology to operate as a modern commercial law firm with reliable and efficient communication. The firm places a high premium on communication and will contact or respond to any mail within 24 hours of receipt. The firm uses the internet frequently to update their knowledge of recent trends and developments in the practice of law. In 1997, Hesse and Hesse became one of the pioneer institutions in Ghana to have full internet connectivity.

The firm was established and registered under the Companies Code of Ghana (1963). The Chief Executive Officer, Barrister-at-Law and Solicitor of the law firm, Mr. David Andreas Hesse is a member of the International Bar Association, International Law Association, World Jurists Association just to mention a few. Mr. David A. Hesse was recently elected a Member of the Congress of Fellows and Legal Scholars of the Centre for International Legal Studies, Austria. In further recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of Information and Communication Technologies Law, Mr. Hesse was recently appointed a member of the International Legal Team for Intel Corporation (USA).

Hesse and Hesse law firm also engages in environmental awareness, both locally and globally. One of their Partners, Mr. Larsey Mensah is an expert in Environmental Law. He is a Consultant to Ghana's National Committee on Ozone Depleting Substances (NACODS). He assisted in the final drafting to proposed amendments to the Game and Wildlife Laws of Ghana

They have represented the following:

• Google (USA) • Ibis (Denmark), Intel Corporation (USA) • Cargill Inc. • World Bank (Ghana Office) • Wyoming Resources • Tropic Oil Ghana Ltd.

How to apply

Please email for an application form.


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