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About us

Sound Discipline teaches people to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

We see a day when

  • People feel cared for, respected and empowered in their schools, families and communities
  • Families feel that it is normal to ask for help and have a broad network of local resources (or family educators) that cross race, class and culture where they can turn for support and parenting tools.
  • Classrooms are places where young people are learning the skills needed in a global society
  • Schools are places where mistakes are opportunities for learning and the race bias around discipline is undone
  • Communities support schools and families in using solution focused methods that enhance equity and honor each person's dignity.

We Believe

  • All people, young and adult—regardless of race, class and culture—are worthy of dignity and respect
  • Misbehaving children are discouraged children
  • Current punitive practices and systems work to the detriment of all young people and perpetuate a legacy of oppression and inequity
  • Mutually respectful relationships and solution focused problem solving empower children, families, schools, and communities to thrive and foster academic excellence, citizenship, equity, and democracy
  • Effective Discipline1:
  • # Helps children feel a sense of connection. (Belonging and significance.)
  • # Is mutually respectful and encouraging. (Kind and firm at the same time.)
  • # Considers what the child is thinking, feeling, learning, and deciding about himself and his world – and what to do in the future to survive or to thrive.
  • # Teaches important social and life skills.
  • # Invites children to discover how capable they are.

1Source: Jane Nelsen,

Our Experience:

Our trainers have a over a decade of regional experience including:

  • Five years with Seattle Public Schools using Solution Focused Discipline Whole School Model to eliminate the race gap in disciplinary action in selected schools;
  • Four lead trainers for the national Positive Discipline Association;
  • Six nationally Certified Positive Discipline Trainers;
  • Hundreds of teachers who've taken our Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshops;
  • Hundreds of parents who've taken our Positive Discipline parenting classes in English or Spanish;
  • Scores of parent trainers who've taken our Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way workshops in English or Spanish;
  • Three active mentoring groups for facilitators and parenting educators (in Spanish and English); and
  • Five years of comprehensive data on the Seattle schools in our program and ongoing self evaluation and data collection to measure and ensure ongoing effectiveness.

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