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Statistics Without Borders

Nonprofit or community organization

Last modified: February 21, 2014, 10:31 PM

December 25, 2012, 6:51 PM
SWB said
International Year of Statistics 2013 is here!


What is Statistics Without Borders?

Statistics Without Borders (SWB) is an apolitical Outreach Group of the American Statistical Association (ASA). Comprised entirely of volunteers, it provides pro bono statistical consulting to organizations and government agencies, particularly from developing nations, that do not have the resources for statistical services. In support of their not-for-profit activities, SWB promotes the use of statistics to improve the health and well-being of all people. Our vision is to achieve and implement the best statistical practice in the service of others.

Who are SWB Volunteers?

SWB currently has over 500 volunteers with a variety of expertise and backgrounds such as academia, industry, and government. Our volunteers strive to make a difference in the daily lives of people throughout the world.

How can Statistics Without Borders help your organization or agency?

Due to the extensive expertise and experience that our volunteers encompass, Statistics Without Borders can help organizations and agencies with many areas of projects including but not limited to*:

  • Research and Evaluation Design
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Field Work (International & Domestic)
  • Survey Design and Methodology
  • Survey and Non-Survey Sampling
  • Scale Indicators Development
  • Advanced Data Statistical Analysis
  • Publications Submission Analysis Review
  • Program Evaluation and Review
  • Programming and Databases
  • Data Collection Tools
  • Preliminary Research Consulting
  • Hard to Research Population Analysis

*These are just a sample of how our expert volunteers can help organizations.

What if my organization or agency needs project assistance?

Let Statistics Without Borders help your organization or agency with your project(s)! If you are needing research advice, field work, advanced statistical analysis or any help, please contact us today so we can see how SWB can help your organization!

How can Statistics Without Borders be contacted?

Statistics Without Borders can be contacted by phone, email and Skype. Information can also be found on our website as well which are all listed below. SWB can also be found on LinkedIn as well.

Phone: +1(202) 657-5928


Email Addresses:

Skype: statisticswithoutborders

Twitter: swbprobono


Facebook Group: Statistics Without Borders - American Statistical Association


What does Statistics Without Borders services cost?

FREE!!!! Statistics Without Borders provides pro bono statistical consulting to those in need. Thus, our volunteers donate their time to servicing others across the globe.

What projects has Statistics Without Borders worked on?

SWB has worked on an extensive list of projects with a variety of organizations, agencies and governments. Due to our extensive list, please contact us for a brochure and more information on SWB projects. If you have any questions regarding additional projects, please contact us!

What if I am interested in volunteering?

The work of Statistics Without Borders is only possible through the generosity of a large team of members who volunteer their time and expertise to support us in our mission. We warmly welcome volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. We have members with a long background in international health statistics, experienced statisticians who are new to the field of international health, members who are new to the field of statistics but would like to work on international health projects under the supervision of an experienced statistician, and members from other non-statistical disciplines (including the evaluation of community aid programs and data management).

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  • Let Statistics Without Borders help! - Resource

    Last updated:
    December 25, 2012
    Let Statistics Without Borders: http://www.statisticswithoutbordes.orghelp your organization or agency with your project(s)! If you are needing research advice,...

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    Porto de Mós, Distrito de Leiria, Portugal
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