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5 Secrets to Jumpstarting Company Volunteering


Resource posted by: Causecast

Created on: October 15, 2012

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All-expense-paid family trips to Hawaii, no bosses and the opportunity to work on any project you like? Yeah, that's the amazing atmosphere fostered by Washington-based gaming company Valve, according to its leaked employee handbook. Who wouldn't want to work there?!

With a rare focus on work-life balance, and with profitability per employee higher than Google, Amazon or Microsoft, it's easy for Valve to attract and retain talent. But leafing through its employee-centric handbook, one notices a glaring omission: any mention of employee volunteer programs. That's not to say there aren't plenty of chances for corporate volunteerism, as I'm sure a company as large as Valve offers many philanthropic opportunities for employee participation. But without explicitly outlining this in the corporate handbook, Valve would seem to mostly leave community service up to its employees to figure out on their own.

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