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eBooks for Non Profits


Resource posted by: Bob Power

Created on: February 27, 2012

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Welcome to eBooks For Non Profit!

Raise Money for your non profit organization with our free services. We offer this free service to all non profit organizations that would like to raise money. We offer access to over 10,000 digital downloads of the Internet's most popular information in over twenty categories. Over 2 Billion dollars have been paid out to clients from these products. It's time for your orrganization to get some of that profit!

Your supporters can do this securely online, or from their wifi enabled cell phone


Learn and Donate when you purchase a digital product. If you buy information and software online why not earn money for your favourite non profit at the same time.

You choose which charity or non profit group the money goes to. We keep you updated on the latest releases. Shop securely online, or from your wifi enabled cell phone.


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