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First The Organization, Then The Money - Getting Smart About Getting Grants


Resource posted by: Harvey Chess

Created on: February 5, 2012

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From My Website,

Welcome to this book, a new way for me to share a message delivered for many years when training and consulting among people in nonprofit outfits. If we have worked together before, you will recognize what follows and, I'm hoping, once again get your arms around the potential this holds for your success in developing resources to pursue your organization's mission. If not, this is your introduction to my long held passion about how to get smart about going after and getting grants. At its very core, the basis for my enthusiasm is the conviction that you can make much more out of the process of seeking grants than just throwing together a funding proposal.

And, from

This book puts in your hands the expanded resource materials used in the author's acclaimed workshop on grant proposal development. Read it, mark it up, dog ear the pages and redefine the way you go after assets for your nonprofit. You'll get your hands around the powerful concept of connecting proposal development and organizational development at the same time, and strengthening both in the process. Not your garden variety grantwriting book... (Early Reviews of Book are there.)

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order at the author's website,, the book's website, or, First the Organization, Then The Money