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Is Your Company Doubling Down on its Employee Volunteers?


Resource posted by: Causecast

Created on: October 17, 2012

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No matter how much a company praises the corporate volunteering efforts of its employees, it can seem like so much hot air without making a commitment of its own. A photo-op or feature in a company newsletter is one thing, but with the growing importance and visibility of corporate social responsibilityefforts globally, smart companies are doing more than just patting employees on the back for their charitable efforts.

Enter Dollars for Doers programs, which match employee volunteerism with corporate donations. Unlike a matching gifts program, which matches an employee's donations with corporate dollars, these programs match employee volunteer efforts with company dollars. If you're looking for ways to promote employee volunteer work, better integrate your company into the community, and help attract and retain socially-minded professionals, it might be time to create or expand such a program of your own.