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2013 World of Children Grant Awards - Deadline is 4/1!


Resource posted by: World of Children Award

Created on: March 27, 2013

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The World of Children Award program was created to recognize and elevate selfless individuals who make a difference in the lives of children here in the USA and across the globe, regardless of political, religious or geographical boundaries. These courageous leaders recognize that children are the world's most important asset.

Our Awards honor these leaders and grant them funds to support the proven, high-impact programs they have created for children. These Awards ensure that more children's lives will be touched, improved and changed forever.

We have just opened our online nominations to consider candidates for our 2013 Awards. Awards are available in three categories:

  • 2013 Humanitarian Award - Minimum Cash Grant of $50,000. Recognizes a hero who has made a significant contribution to children in social services, education or humanitarian services.
  • 2013 Health Award - Minimum Cash Grant of $50,000. Recognizes a hero who has made a significant contribution to children in the fields of health, medicine or the sciences.
  • 2013 Youth Award - Minimum Cash Grant of $25,000. Recognizes a young hero (under the age of 21) who is making extraordinary contributions to the lives of other children.

Award Winners must have a ten-year track record of working with children (3 years for the Youth Award), and serve children over and above their regular employment, for little or no pay.

Awards will be presented at an annual ceremony held in New York City, USA, in November 2013. At that time, the World of Children Award will offer cash grants to the proven, sustainable programs created and managed by the 2013 Award Winners.

Nominations for our Awards must be submitted by April 1 at 11:59 pm PST. For more information about our Awards and the nominations process, please visit