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Experienced High Donor Fundraiser available


Resource posted by: Protect Our Elections and the FightBack Project

Created on: February 20, 2013

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I am experienced high donor fundraiser, based now in Bay Area, though if the position becomes paid, might be able to move (though prefer staying here).

My resume is below. My preference is for a position that addresses a root reform--one that would make all the others possible like public funding of elections or

the 28th Amendment to remove personhood, or anything to get rid of electronic voting. I have worked years in the first and last areas, and have rasied a total of over $1.6MM. However i have been out of the field for most of the past 6 years, developing an Internet startup. I can be reached at and also good idea to cc (Please be sure to put "Idealist" and you city and org in subject, and contact info in your sig including skype. Thanks, yours truly and work'n for love and justice, Gary Krane PhD

Gary Krane PhD

Email: Direct: 802 380-880 vm: 646 543 1170 Residence: 6 Playa Verde, Tiburon, CA Bay SKYPE ID: DavidvGoliath


  • Fundraising: specializing in high donors, development of new rapid plus low labor-intensity house party generation Internet technology and new more effective organizing strategies
  • Project Management of sophisticated web app technology development
  • Organizing: Community, political, and union, including use of own breakthrough internet technology Media Production (14 years producing/directing/shooting national award winning TV documentaries
  • Networking and outreach to advocacy and civic groups, and finding talent for startup teams
  • Publicity/PR and Media production; specializing in earned media and creative strategies
  • Founding and managing social venture consumer Internet Startup from vision, through Business Plan, Go-to Market strategy, financial projections and product requirements to customer-driven lean startup development and public launch
  • Writing: grant proposals, PBS TV documentaries, press releases, books, and op-eds and essays published by numerous mainstream major market newspapers etc.
  • Research in numerous psychological and political issue areas


  1. Raised over $1.6M for various media projects and causes: PBS environmental and social issue specials; campaigns to expose voter fraud and dangers of electronic voting machines, for public funding of elections, lawsuits to save Pacifica radio, funds for Green Party political campaigns; an alternative school, etc.)
  2. Developed breakthrough Internet + face-to-face house party rapid generation grassroots organizing software technology capable of continually doubling at 2-3 wk intervals the starting round of house parties ( to offer existing online methods for education (through video showings), volunteer recruitment, political pressure group organizing, and fundraising, because it eliminates the biggest barrier to house party generation: their labor intensity.
  3. 3. Organized and fundraised for (now defunct) to educate Californians and Iowans re the need for publicly funded elections; and fundraised for organizations like, and velvet revolution to stop the electronic stealing of elections
  4. Produced (found funding), researched, directed, shot & edited 11 PBS-aired documentaries, two garnering first place national awards, all on a wide range of social issues ranging from labor to preventing nuclear war.
  5. Developed concept, sufficient series content, and produced promo video (and authored published book) for commercial successful reality TV series adopted by Disney TV which ran on their cable channel (Z-games) for several years producing millions in revenue
  6. Founded and directed the Teachers Tobacco Divestment Campaign, developing a four-prong strategy that succeeded in moving the nation's 2nd largest public pension fund (CAL-STRS) to divest from its tobacco stock holdings, by organizing members of the Los Angeles and California State Teachers unions, key state legislators, using a press campaign, an impending class action law suit, and a rank & file fax campaign.
  7. Publicized numerous TV specials, books, political campaign strategies, generating more than 800 stories, mostly in major print media, but also on radio and TV, in the top 20 major media markets.
  8. CEO/founder of Relationship Technologies Inc, a social venture Internet startup intended to bankroll environmental and social justice organizers by helping millions of couples at $20/mo have stronger happier relationships—especially for couples unable or unwilling to afford a therapist. Our business plan was a finalist in the UC Berkeley Business Plan competition, and a semi-finalist in the Stanford Social Venture competition in 2006 and 2007 respectively. As CEO, I was totally responsible for all budgeting, financials, power point (Continued)


Ph.D. University of California (Berkeley) Educational Psychology
M.Ed. Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), Education (with major in Mass Media)
B.A. Reed College (Portland, OR), Psychology

2006-2012: Development Director/Project Manager, Relationship Technologies Inc., a social venture Internet startup whose website (OurCoupleSpace) mission is to help couples have happier and stronger relationships. This entailed extensive use and project management of programming, design, and google analytics tools.

2004-2005 Founder/ Political Director Party-for-Democracy USA, aka (now defunct) , a new online plus face to face strategy that makes offering house parties three times easier for people, and can therefore triple the numbers of the initial round of house parties and then triple the rate of house party growth for campaigns.

2001-2004 Founder/Outreach and Media Director, FairElections, Oakland, CA, responsible for fundraising, outreach strategy development, liaison with NGOs, recruitment and training of interns; speaker venues, and publicity to educate voters about the need for full publicly funded elections, the "reform that makes all the other reforms possible" and verified voting.

Special Project Director (1998-2001). Partial list of projects:

  • Development Director (2001-2002) Marin Health Fund Public Media Initiative, (San Francisco Bay Area), in charge of high donor urgent high donor fundraising drive, phone bank training and supervision, writing of fundraising materials, and testimonials for the Listeners' Lawsuit, the principle strategy used to successfully save the Pacifica Radio network.
  • Press Campaign Coordinator (2001) Public Citizen's Congress Watch, (Washington, DC), responsible for coordinating national press campaign focusing on 12 states to expose pharmaceutical industry fraud, and its control of Congress.
  • Campaign Coordinator/Outreach Director (spring and summer 2001) Tad Daly for Congress (32nd District), and Denise Robb (Los Angeles) for City Council, strategizing, creating name recognition, garnering endorsements, recruiting volunteers, message development, etc. for Congressional and city council campaigns of progressive candidates.
  • Outreach Director and Publicist (June-July 15th, 2001 and April-July 2000) Organizing before and during the National Education Association annual conventions to get the Nat'l Education Assn , to get the NEA and individual delegates to demand that their Legislative Committee decide whether or not to endorse full public funding of at least all federal elections. Responsibilities included organizing, outreach, and press on the state and national levels.
  • Campaign/outreach Director, Researcher, and Publicist (1999-2000)
    Founder and Campaign Director for Teachers for Socially Responsible Investment, a successful history-making union rank and file campaign of California public school teachers which succeeded in forcing the conservative pension board in California to divest from tobacco investments and later forced the NEA to adopt for the first time ever socially responsible criteria for its pension fund investment philosophy. Responsibilities included initiating and implementing a multi-prong campaign strategy (e.g. educating union membership and leaders, press campaign, mass letter writing/faxing, legislative lobbying, & plaintiff petitions for class action lawsuit), as well as outreach and press.
  • Ø Organizer, Fundraiser, and Team Captain (1998-99) Oaks Project (Los Angeles) One of the top four organizers/ fundraisers (out of about 450) honored in 1998 by consumer rights activist, Ralph Nader for working to get a campaign finance reform initiative on the California ballot. The organizing included speaking to neighborhood associations, extensive door-to-door and signature gathering work with ordinary LA residents, supervising/training new organizers, and arranging neighborhood fundraising parties, outreach to other groups. .

Executive Director, Executive Producer (1992-99)
The FUN(D) Project (Los Angeles), responsible for research, strategizing, business plan development, fundraising, script writing, promo video, book, audio and home video series production of "World's Best Free Fun," a primetime commercial reality weekly TV series, that was eventually taken by Disney Cable.

Development Director, Producer-Writer & Publicist (1975-90)
Ideal Communications Inc and the Arms Race Education Project (Washington DC). Responsible for research, creating, writing, producing, directing, distributing and promoting 11 PBS and Turner Broadcast documentary specials covering such subjects as accidental nuclear war, military spending, the myth of Soviet superiority, nuclear testing, as well as various social justice issues like racism in the schools, spouse abuse etc. National awards include: First Place, American Film and National Educational Film & Festivals. Also responsible for three national press tours garnering 100+ major press stories and 3-400 radio & TV appearances. Total Raised: $1.5 million

Educator/Organizer (pre-1975)
Martin Luther King Jr. In-Community School (Berkeley/Oakland CA). Organized parents, students, and teachers to create the first alternative junior high and high school in California using the community as the school.

ADDITIONAL TRAINING : Union Organizing, AFL Organizing Inst. (Feb 2001)