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Another Great Training Completed by HDFF - Stay Safe: Safety and Security Training for NGOs 2011


Resource posted by: Human Development Forum Foundation

Created on: December 6, 2011

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The two-day training event, "Stay Safe: Safety and Security Training for NGOs 2011", kicked off on November 30th 2011 at the Queen's Imperial Park Hotel in Bangkok. In attendance were managerial and administrative staff persons of various NGOs, such as the International Rescue Committee, Diakonia, CBM, PLAN, CBI with operations in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. As leaders within their organizations, each participant attended the training to acquire new knowledge and skills on maintaining organizational security, keeping their staff safe, and responding to crises.

The training began with an emphasis on leadership and decision making. Participants worked together on a simple project– to build a bridge out of newspaper, over which a small toy car could cross – and learned about the pitfalls of hasty decision-making, expressed in the acronym "TEAR" (of which Dr. Wilfried Herrmann claims you will have many of if you do not plan properly).

Over the two days, the training went on to cover important topics such as security strategies, risk management, contingency planning, incident reporting and analysis, and crisis resolution. Participants learned how to make a threat analysis and practiced assessing the likelihood and severity of each security risk to their respective organizations.

There were also hands-on practical trainings in administering primary first aid, how to use a fire extinguisher, and putting out gas and oil fires. Members from the local fire department provided real live opportunities for participants to practice extinguishing fires and shutting off flaming gas tanks. A live sprinkler demonstration in the hotel was also conducted for attendees to understand how sprinklers can fit into a plan of fire protection.

By the end of the event, these presentations and activities had given participants a greater understanding of and appreciation for security and safety management. Additionally, through practice with feedback from instructors, participants had demonstrated their ability to assess, plan, and react to common security and safety threats. Participants also had a lot of fun engaging in the various activities and discussions with one another, including the opportunity to make new connections and learn about each others' organizations.

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HDFF is excited to be offering a more comprehensive security training event in the near future - the Stay Safe: Safety and Security Training 2012-1 geared towards security managers and focal points. It will be held during February 20-24 of 2012. Continue to watch out for further information on Facebook and the HDFF website Contact Elana Zygman at for further information