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Beware of AFEIP Cambodia and Somaly Mam


Resource posted by: Candace Blase

Created on: December 4, 2011

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Dear all,

I have just come back from 7 months volunteering in Cambodia with AFESIP - an organization created by Somaly Mam to work with sex trafficking survivors. After 7 months of hard work and banging my head against wall after wall, I met two other people who had volunteered with other organizations of Somaly's (Voices for Change and the Somaly Mam Foundation) and learned that I was one in a long line of volunteers/employees who have been stone-walled by Somaly Mam organizations. Somaly has a compelling story and international profile - which is why I went to Cambodia to work with AFESIP. However, the reality of the situation is in complete contrast to the image. Services for the girls/women are poor and outdated, a dependency-based model is used which is ultimately detrimental, and dishonest and illegal practices are in place. I warn anyone against volunteering or working for any of these organizations. Feel free to contact me for more information.


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