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20 Tips Every Strategic Grant Seeker Should Know


Resource posted by: Internaut Consulting, Inc.

Created on: October 15, 2012

Resource description

20 Tips Every Strategic Grant Seeker Should Know is written for every grant seeker wanting to do a better job of translating their passion into successful grants or who have walked away from donor interactions wondering what they were thinking. It explores the key issues from a grant maker's perspective, providing grant seekers insight into the dynamics of the donor decision making process and the reasoning behind it. Most importantly, it lays out successful strategies to leverage these dynamics. The twenty-four page guide is written in very practical terms. Each page describes a distinct donor behavior or practice, a brief description of why it occurs, its effect, and most importantly a strategy for the grant seeker to leverage or avoid it. I think it's a very useful and timely guide for difficult economic times and is based on my experience on both sides of the table and in the sector over a coup! le of decades. Expect at least a few "A-Ha" moments as you read the tips and accumulate insight into donor behavior you may not have considered.

PLEASE NOTE: As the first entry of a new Tea & Strategy Series of publications this manual is offered at no charge *but* coupled with a discounted offer on green & white tea to promote a healthy lifestyle. In fact the objective is to create a virtuous circle helping grantseekers, promoting a healthy product and also reducing carbon emissions - go to for a full explanantion of the offer.