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Resource posted by: Meghan

Created on: January 27, 2012

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Sustain Your Business, Your Impact, Your World

Meghan Mahoney is a social impact strategist and educator who helps organizations strengthen and scale social impact and align mission with business strategy. She works with social enterprises (including, for-profit, not-for-profit and hybrid models) seeking to take their change making to the next level. Mahoney is known for her ability to combine big picture design with a focused attention to detail and logistical realities.

The Approach

Mahoney helps construct, implement and evaluate sustainable social impact strategies that lead to business growth. She works with organizations to define an appropriate strategic vision for impact, fuse that vision with financial strategy, and develop and scale their successful interventions. She then provides the tools and guidance to help leaders sustain their passion and support their staffs through these often-difficult learning experiences.

Mahoney's approach includes:

  • Careful analysis of long-term goals and objectives
  • Developing a thorough strategy that combines social and economic impact
  • Creating strong and resource-driven partnerships
  • Training team members to be champions of change
  • And thoroughly evaluating that financial and social validity of these efforts.

Mahoney focuses on facilitative design, through which she guides partners to establish and achieve their own unique visions for success and impact. She considers herself a "creator of culture" that listens to and translates the passion and implicit knowledge of leaders and teams into long-term systems of intentionality, practice, and impact.

About Meghan

Prior to launching her independent venture, Meghan worked at Sport in Society at Northeastern University (Boston, MA). I was the primary facilitator and author of the organization's most recent strategic planning process. I was also responsible for designing and overseeing the all program and consulting projects, and for maintaining communications with a wide diversity of stakeholders. Externally, I was a key leader in the emerging Sport and Social Change sector and SIS' lead consultant for both corporate and grassroots sports organizations seeking to enhance business with social and environmental strategies.

Meghan holds an MBA with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University and a B.A. in English and Philosophy from the College of the Holy Cross. She was also a recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.

How to obtain

If you are interested in speaking to or working with Meghan, please email her at (website is forthcoming)