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Seeking $1,000 Blogging Grant to Cover Arab Entrepreneurs in Technology


Resource posted by: Mehrunisa Qayyum

Created on: February 15, 2012

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PITAPOLICY Blog Aims to Cover Arab Net Conference in Beirut, Lebanon: As the founder of the PITAPOLICY blog, I am an International Development Consultant who reviews political economy issues related to the Middle East & North Africa region. (The blog link is the social entrepreneur side of PITAPOLICY Consulting, a six month new startup: and PITAPOLICY, which stands for Politics, Interests, Technology, & Analysis for the 'pita-consuming' region. As such, the Arab Net Conference will convene Arab entrepreneurs in the web/mobile industry. The conference will address many of PITAPOLICY's themes and inform its pita-consuming fans. Moreover, the opportunity to speak with other attendees will inform further research and analysis that will be of use to any organization interested in sponsoring PITAPOLICY's attendance at the Beirut conference from March 26th through the 31st. Therefore as the PITAPOLICY blogger, I am seeking a grant for $1,000 to cover registration fees, lodging, and food for the 4 day conference. In return, PITAPOLICY blog will run a 1,000 word feature on the sponsoring party as well as provide five page summary of the workshops and industry tips shared at the conference. I may be reached at to provide additional information.

The mission of PITAPOLICY is as follows:

  • Breaking bread, hence sharing a meal with anyone, symbolizes the conscious and informal way of engaging in respectful conversation. Moreover, if one can "break bread" with another, they have taken the first step towards engagement, and building more concretely upon that diplomacy. Pita bread operates as the common denominator that links the various cultures in that region–from Morocco to Pakistan–in reflecting upon dynamics and anticipating trends in the region.
  • PITAPOLICY invites organizations, analysts, academics, activists, and students to contribute essays, perspectives, and organizational press releases.


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