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The HOTMYLK Project of NYC


Resource posted by: Seneca Williams

Created on: January 29, 2012

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Heroic Outstanding Triumphant Mother You'd Like to Know

Mission Statement

HOT MYLKs' mission is to inspire, encourage and sustain positive self-image. Promote self-empowerment, mental well-being and successful living. HOT MYLK is for the mother who understands life's complexities, pursues personal & spiritual growth and reflects beauty from inside-out, while rising to any challenge. The goal is for mothers to assist other mothers by helping them to

  • Attend to the mental well-being and positive esteem of themselves and others
  • Promote Constructive Family Development ( with children, family and partners)
  • Encourage pursuit of Higher Education and Careers for independent living
  • Support community involvement through altruism and charity


Mothers from 25 to 40 with one or more biological children


A safe place to receive support, learn and grow personally and spiritually


Communities of New York


Monthly Events, Discussion groups, family outings, mom night outs



Parenthood is the most challenging job any woman will ever have. It is important for a woman to feel smart, beautiful inside-out and spiritually grounded to be the best parent she can be. We are raising the future. Being an attractive mother is nice, but being a mother someone can look up to is even better. Women lacking support networks have difficulty in their lives. They may develop depression and anxiety. The balance moms need, comes from having a Positive Support Network. It is essential to sustain mental health. The PSN will promote self-empowerment, spiritual well-being and successful living. It will encourage personal and professional growth in motherhood, relationships and career.


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