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FREE Website Build for Nonprofit


Resource posted by: Design for Social GOOD

Created on: January 14, 2012

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THANK YOU to everyone who responded. We have now chosen six nonprofits to move forward with and this offer is now CLOSED.

Next semester we will reach out for more nonprofits to participate again.

We're hoping to find 5-6 nonprofits who want a new website built for FREE!

Design for Social GOOD founder Najlah Hicks is teaching a web design 2 class at the City University of New York this spriing and her students need to find small nonprofits wanting a new website.

The cost to your nonrprofit: FREE! The only thing you will need to provide or pay for is your domain name and hosting company. Students will work closely with your nonprofit to design and code a new website by the end of the spring semester.

ELIGIBILTY: Nonprofits that currently do not have a web site or their site is in bad shape. This project is geared towards small nonprofits with little funding.

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