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Female Cat


Resource posted by: Athena

Created on: January 4, 2012

Resource description

My husband and I rescued a calico colored cat with a white belly and green eyes. Kylie is about 2 years old and very friendly. She is not feral and just needs gentle acclimation into her new home; she also gets along with our other two cats (both grown female cats 2 & 13 yrs old).

We have fed and cleaned her. She is purr-fectly healthy and amiable (no cuts, no scratches, no mange). We will also be getting her spayed and vaccinated which is why we are asking for $50 to help cover some of the cost. We will not be making any profit, we just want her to have a good home.

Along with this gentle feline, we will provide some written guidelines & tips on how to care for cats if you are a novice pet owner. If you are a veteran pet owner, we only ask that you provide some account of your experience caring for pets.

How to obtain

Please email me at if you are interested in meeting Kylie, we will send you a picture...