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Talented Writer Seeks to Effect Social Change


Resource posted by: Brian Gabriel

Created on: December 11, 2011

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Could you use assistance in helping your message reach and resonate with society?

Brian is an idealistic and talented writer seeking to help similar-minded individuals and organizations through ghostwriting (ghost writing), correspondence management, social media, and speechwriting (speech writing).

Brian's Assets:
- Strong writing ability- very persuasive and capable of translating complex concepts into accessible prose.
- Idealism grounded in objectivity.
- Insatiable desire to learn, and a voracious appetite for reading. Brian specializes in politics, history, medicine, sciences, psychology, and current events.
- Acutely sensitive to changing sentiments of society.
- Excellent ability to appreciate "bigger picture."
- Visionary and prescient.

Views: Brian is sensitive to social injustice and tends to root for the underdog. He empathizes more with traditional liberal viewpoints, but admires the unique and visionary and is open to viewpoints outside of a single political persuasion.

- Myers-Briggs psychological type INFP- (INFPs are idealists and exceptional writers. Brian tends to be less artistic and more scientific and investigative than many INFPs.)
- Agnostic. (He meditates daily, and is somewhat influenced by Buddhist perspectives.)
- Avid reader. (To view his favorite and impressive books, see
- Witty and excellent at satire and parody.

Background: Brian is a member of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Society ("The Nation's Oldest Academic Honor Society"), as well as Psi Chi ("The International Honor Society in Psychology") and Alpha Epsilon Delta ("The Pre-Medical Honor Society"). He completed an undergraduate liberal arts degree and pre-medical requirements in 2003, and later attended medical school to study medicine. Although he completed all didactic courses and most clinical rotations (including associated NBME "shelf examinations" and the Step II of the USMLE), he elected to discontinue his studies just before graduating. As a writer, Brian has published medical articles and represented nonprofit organizations as a grant proposal writer.

If you seek an exceptional writer to lend a passionate voice to your project or cause, consider hiring Brian.

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Contact Brian at BGabes27 'at'