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NIRP restores Grace's hope


Resource posted by: Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project

Created on: September 2, 2011

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Grace Namusoke 12 years is a brilliant young girl in Primary Seven(P7) who attends Kimaanya Primary School. She has been a sponsored child of NIRPUganda's program for 6 years and has always been an asset to the school and home. Grace lost her father to AIDS in 2004 and her mother is also sick and not able to work. <br /><br />Despite all that she has had to face, Grace has become a positive role model for all of the students at Kimaanya. She works very hard in school and most always excels in her studies. Her hard work pays off and she is ranked among the top students in her class. She has a great personality and is always there to lend a smile or to lighten the mood by cracking a joke. She is constantly helping around the orphan home by taking on extra chores or leading younger students in activities. She is very often caught in the middle of random acts of kindness.<br /><br />Her hobbies are singing, dancing, playing net ball and trying to learn how to play the guitar. Her aspirations are to become a teacher or nurse. During evenings when she is not studying for school, she volunteers her time helping the younger children learn how to read. During this time, she shows the kindness and love to all through her patient and kind words. Wise beyond her years, she is an inspiration to everyone she meets. <br /><br />Together we can impact the lives many more orphans with completely no help through our donations on betterplace. Offer to become a recurring donor to NIRPUganda program activities. Thanks for the support those that have donated to our project causes before.