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Resource posted by: S A R T H I

Created on: February 14, 2013

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Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I, Tarkeshwar Singh, writing to you on behalf of SARTHI (a Patna based Govt registered Non-Profit making Voluntary Organization) that works to facilitate the release and rehabilitation of children from government-run homes in Bihar.

I know that you're pressed for time. But could you please give me your full attention for the next 30 seconds as you read this letter?

You see, the children without family, without parental care and support, missing, abandoned, orphans, neglected, abused or……. (and the list could go on)? But did anyone of you had ever imagine that such children always dreams of having a "sympathetic emotions" towards them which they rarely found being in custodial institution like Govt. Children homes in Bihar. There, they are presently bound to live in more pathetic condition. Your kind helping hand can motivate them to be able to udnerstand that someone "cares for them". Your generic support may fill their world with colors and this is one of the best ways they can learn about themselves and develop their interests, leading to future careers in engineering, biology, chemistry, and hundreds of other fields.

Save-a-life by pledging your support today.SARTHI relies exclusively on voluntary donations from donors like you. This makes your contribution priceless. And we would like to thank you for your donations.

Tarkeshwar Singh

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