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Do your volunteers or team ever fundraise? We have a great solution


Resource posted by: Go Get Funding

Created on: August 17, 2012

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My name's Sandip and I'm the CEO and founder of crowdfunding website Go Get Funding.

I'm looking to connect with organizations that have users who need to fundraise. For example, many volunteer organizations require their volunteers to pay travel / program costs. Sometimes, the volunteer can't afford these costs and they may need to fundraise.

Fundraising online is an essential component of an overall fundraising campaign and our site has helped people from all over the world raise millions of dollars.

If you don't currently offer an online fundraising solution, we'd love to partner with you (there are no costs involved). Even if you do currently refer users to an online fundraising site, I'd encourage you to review our offering. Our site has been continually optimised to help fundraisers raise more money from more people.

By becoming a Go Get Funding partner, you'd get a dedicated category on our site for all your fundraisers. Partner pages will be appropriately branded with your logo, link and description. We can also set you up so all funds raised in your category get automatically sent to you. That's particularly helpful for non-profits as it will allow all of your fundraisers to accept tax-deductible donations.

Fundraisers would be able to pick up tips from other people raising money for the same cause and they'd even be able to network. As our site is a social crowdfunding site, your brand and company would also be exposed to more people in comparison to if you used a traditional fundraising site.

The only thing you would need to do is refer people to fundraise on our site and ask them to select your partner category when setting up their page. We'd also be happy to contribute relevant content to help your users create a compelling online fundraiser.

Interested? Please get in touch. I also welcome suggestions for how we could offer you even more value.

Kind Regards,


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