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Resource posted by: Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC (RPCV/W)

Created on: June 29, 2012

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Public Document Archive

RPCV/W strives to operate in a culture of collaboration and transparency. In addition to assuring our Members that their dues are administered responsibly, our records enable the organization to easily transfer knowledge from one board to the next.

In the spirit of sharing, we are making these documents open to anyone looking for similar materials to incorporate into their organizations. See how we lay out our newsletters, record our Minutes, delegate responsibility, report our activities, and preserve institutional knowledge.

The Secretary is tasked with recording and preserving public documents for use by the organization and its Members. The Secretary's documents contain all our weekly newsletters, annual reports, and Minutes from meetings of the Board of Directors. We are also including our bylaws, official policies, and various documents related to the group's governance and history.

We are constantly updating this archive. If you are a past Member or Director and possess similar documents, we would love to preserve them. Please email

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