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The Adelphi Teacher of Mathematics Scholarship (TOMS) Program


Resource posted by: Adelphi University

Created on: December 19, 2011

Resource description

Adelphi Unversity's TOMS program is a National Science Foundation NOYCE Scholarship for mathematics majors who are pursuing a secondary teaching credential through Adelphi's STEP.

TOMS provides students with the following financial support and training:

  • $14,000 towards financial support during the junior and senior years
  • $22,000 towards financial support during Graduate year
  • Special Training which includes the following classes:
    • Methods of Teaching College Placement Calculus I
    • Methods of Teaching Geometry
    • Issues of Learning Mathematics in High Needs Schools: Race, Gender, Equity & Social Justice
    • Measurement & Evaluation of School Based Mathematics Learning Programs and Testing
  • Periodic seminars while a student; Access to Peer Support Website; One-on-one counseling; and support during first year of teaching
  • Based on your individual financial need, students could have the remaining portion of tuition paid for

Students must commit to teaching in a high-needs district after completing the program.

How to obtain

For more information contact contact Dr. Danté A. Tawfeeq, Program Coordinator, at 516.877.4581 or

Interested students must apply for admission to Adelphi University.