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The Path to Eco-Responsibility is Easier with Free Beer


Resource posted by: Causecast

Created on: October 19, 2012

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A single work week might not sound like it could make a huge impact. But that's all it took for Integrate PR to run an electronics recycling drive that responsibly recycled 2,617 pounds of electronic waste. So how did a tiny Houston-based PR firm manage to recycle over a ton of electronics responsibly using only 40 man hours?

First and foremost, Integrate's success highlights the importance of employee engagement. A new employee was amazed that Integrate didn't recycle and quickly took matters into her own hands, raising a hue and a cry, inspiring Integrate PR to exercise greater responsibility when it comes to curtailing waste. When the time came to give back to the community, it was a no brainer. Electronics recycling "seemed like a great service to offer the companies in the building, but also the surrounding community," said Allie Herzog Danziger of Integrate PR.

This is the kind of corporate giving program that almost any company can run easily using off the shelf employee engagement software.