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I am dedicated to the eradication of abuse at ALL levels. I am vegan (since about 2001, vegetarian since about 1985), and I do what I do because I do not believe in hurting or killing others for my own comfort or convenience. I put my conscience and my words into tangible, efficient, and effective ACTION; my purpose in this Universe is to speak out and ACT for those who cannot defend themselves against abuse and injustice, regardless of age, species, gender identity, or any other man-made, divisive factors. I believe in truth and intangible beauty and hope and justice; I believe in exercising kindness in the face of utter brutality, and I have a profound respect for INNOCENCE.

My educational background and employment experience are diverse; I excel at research, facilitating partnerships, community/educational outreach, and conflict resolution. I am adept at learning new concepts and technologies, and I greet new challenges and obstacles with enthusiasm.

Volunteer/Advocate with Bellevue Hospital Center Rape Crisis Program, Hudson County (NJ) Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Win Animal Rights/No Kill New York, Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP) -- New York, Pet Guardian Cat Rescue, World Music Institute, Animal Protection League of New Jersey (APLNJ, formerly known as New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance/NJARA)

Student of HapKiDo at World Martial Arts Center (formerly known as New York Martial Arts Center) and Hatha Yoga at Integral Yoga Institute, noth in New York City.

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