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I am a creative, self-lead, and passion-driven Latina eco-feminist. These aspects contribute to my work in engaging diverse stakeholders for environmental and social change, from the grassroots up. I am a self-taught social media and web guru, having designed a functional social network based on Drupal, an open source content management system. Recently graduated with an M.A. in Communication, I am eager to apply my skills and knowledge within environmental non-profits in California's Bay Area, while continuing my long-term social networking project in Costa Rica by seeking funding for a project manager.

My objectives are as follows: - To continue building strong organizational networks that lead social and environmental change - To continue building on experience in the non-profit sector, exploring possibilities that include: action research, community organizing, environmental psychology, and/or social justice - To creatively educate, counsel, and support people in building healthier relationships with the natural environment - To build a portfolio for freelance web design contracting


Communication: non-profit networks, cross-cultural; Spanish; Open source content management systems: Drupal, WordPress; Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and learning new ones as they sprout; LAMP servers: Apache administration, PHP, MySQL

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