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I passionately produce transformational leadership through my extensive small business and non-profit 501(c)3 organizational development, management and leadership expertise in corporate culture, programming, development and administration. Experienced in multiple sectors and fields at the local, state and national level, I am active in the community, serving on a number of boards, while maintaining involvement in the political climate of my region.

Proven leader experienced at providing coalition, program and organizational management as well as advocacy/lobbying, education and direct support services within diverse cultures and communities across all SES levels. Passionate for engaging in & establishing meaningful relationships with community stakeholders by building solid strategic partnerships aimed at capitalizing on resources and unified systemic change efforts.

Accomplished leader with proven results in achieving and exceeding organizational short & long-term goals and shaping community vision, climate and culture on child-family-school-community partnership & equal opportunity issues through coaching and training on Youth Leadership, Youth Empowerment, Positive Youth Development and the Leadership as Coach models while implementing continuous quality improvement efforts.

My career goals include remaining flexible to location while adapting & utilizing my public relations, communications, fund development, NPO organizational development and management, strategic planning and extensive public policy and advocacy experience to leverage my relationships and know-how for the benefit of my employers and clients.

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