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I hold a Master of Arts in Development Studies from UNSW. I have over seven years of experience living and traveling abroad. I have additional experience in education, cross-cultural understanding, project/volunteer coordination/management, non-profit event planning and fundraising, and peer support counseling. I also have highly demonstrated research capabilities in the areas of – but not limited to – education, employment empowerment, English language training, community development, development policy, human rights, international politics, and law.

I am an experienced public speaker, educator and event coordinator, having worked for the Hiroshima City Municipal Board of Education in Hiroshima, Japan – as well as – YouthConnected Incorporated in Sydney, Australia. I have extensive knowledge and experience in diverse topics related to France, the French language/culture, Japan, the Japanese language/culture – as well as – study abroad and international exchange opportunities. I have successfully completed level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Language & Literature.

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