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I fell in love with international development while on a 5-month trip to Tanzania, during which I was working with vulnerable children and families. Throughout this trip, I formed strong, trusting relationships with individuals, both personally and professionally. These relationships shaped my reputation as "Dada" (sister), a title of both affection and respect. This reputation has only strengthened over the past 6 years, as has my love for working with those in most need.

Throughout my years of experience working with local government officials and nongovernmental organizations in Tanzania, I have perfected skills needed to develop successful community programs, including in-country data collection and evaluation, along with quality supervision of projects.

At age 21, in collaboration with local government, village community leaders, and the Executive Director of Karagwe Relief and Development Services, I developed plans to build a secondary school in a rural village in northern Tanzania. Throughout this process, I visited schools in the area to assess their programs and further researched the Tanzanian education system. I returned to the United States to promote the school and build relationships with potential donors. Over $20,000 was raised and today, this school serves over 200 students and is ranked third out of the forty neighboring secondary schools. This achievement is indicative of an effective leader who communicates and collaborates well with diverse groups of people.

Philanthropy in developing countries is my greatest passion. This passion motivates and excites me to work diligently to accomplish any challenge or goal at hand. The opportunity to serve and aid those most vulnerable is a gift unlike any other.

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