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"I serve as a communication platform that enables people of different countries to share their thoughts and experiences and work together for human development".

Ever since childhood I have been interested and deeply involved with various Social, Cultural and Political organizations. I have coordinated and promoted awareness about care programs for disadvantaged children fostering responsible childcare and education in multicultural context. I have personally formed and managed an NGO with the aim of educating people about the grave problem of corruption at the age of my 20 i.e. in 1993.

After seeing my achievements as the Director of the "United Human Resource", Shri B. Basumatary, I.A.S., the Director of Tourism, Government of Assam, has instructed all departments of Govt. of Assam including the Department of Tourism to co-operate with me by extending their help and all the required assistance in order to make my venture a grand success.

Dr. P. K. Choudhuri, Adviser to the Chief Minister of Assam, has stated that through 'ISSWAR International', the sister concern of the 'United Human Resource', of which I am the founder Director, an endeavor is being made to revive the human qualities and international understanding among mankind, so that a better quality of life can be lived across the frontiers – physical and mental.

The Development Commissioner Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, has issued this Photo Identity Card which entitles me to participate any exhibitions conducted by the said department anywhere in India and also to receive a tour allowance once in a year as well as to conduct Training Camps for the promotions of traditional Arts and Crafts of Cane and Bamboo.

Various Government Departments of Assam including Administration, Department of Health, Dept. of A. H. & Veterinary and the Cultural Affairs of Assam have been rendering their help and support time to time with my mission activities, for the welfare of the people of Assam.

Devoting me to the interest of the Human Development is not simply my passion it is my life challenge. Throughout the years my confidence and optimism have strengthened. I am determined to take responsibilities and work under any circumstances for the sake of the Earth and Justice to Humanity. I know, I can make a difference by working together with people.

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