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Through career trial and error I have discovered that I love working seasonally. For the past six years I have worked for Breckenridge Ski Resort and have enjoyed the challenges of managing a seasonal work force. Many seasonal positions are low skill; I consider myself fortunate to have found a position that allows me to put my communication and organizational skills to use. I am interested in finding out what other similar seasonal or project based opportunities may be out there. I am college educated, extremely competent and am always interested in learning new things and/or working in new industries. I also love to travel; my ideal position would be one where I can work within a culture outside of the United States. My work experience covers a variety of industries, but my work ethic and ability to learn quickly has allowed me the freedom to be successful in many different fields.

I recently demoted myself at my current job so that I could have more time to invest in exploring non-profit and volunteer opportunities. I am intersted in finding an organization that I could assist in my free time and courses/learning opportunities that I could take advantage of that would increase my efficacy in the non-profit world. I am currently exploring volunteer opportunties that I can perform from home during the winter, and am looking at organizations in the Brooklyn area for the spring time.

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